Trip to mussoorie uttarakhand (Budget Friendly Hill Station)

Mussoorie is one of the most beautiful hill station in Uttarakhand that is just 35 KM far from Dehradun (Capital of Uttarakhand state). Mussoorie is 290 KM far from Delhi. Mussooorie is also called queen of hill stations. Thousands of tourists come to Mussoorie every year to enjoy their holidays. This hill station is also popular as honeymoon destination. You can see married couples on the strees enjoying the weather. Because of it’s pleasent weather and cool temperature Mussoorie is rated as one of the best romantic hill stations.

Also Mussoorie is not a very costly place to stay. Hotels are available on average prices for night and day stay. So overall it’s a budget friendly tourist place.

Mussoorie Temperature:  Temperature of Mussoorie is maximum 32o C and minimum 10o C in summer season while in winter  the temperature can reach as low as Oo C.

Best time to Visit: March to June, September to November

Places to Visit: Mussoorie is full of beautiful places to visit. Some of them i have listed below-

(1) Kempty Falls – Kempty Falls is one of most popular tourist attaraction in Mussoorie. It is basically a waterfall that’s is situated at the hilly tracks. Kempty Falls is almost 15 KM far from Mussoorie. It’s a beautiful waterfall that you don’t want to miss it. You can see most honeymoon couples there. So if you are willing to visit Kempty falls you can either hire a taxi from market/taxi stand.

(2) GunHill – You can reach GunHill top via Ropeway / Cable car. It will cost you 70 Rupees both way. At the top of gunhill there are some games shops and one or two local restaurants. The view of Mussoorie and doon vally from Gunhill is awesome.

(3) Camel back road – This road seems like bump of the camel back. it’s like first you have to walk up and then down the road.

(4) Mussoorie lake– Mussoorie lake is famous for boating and enjoying the natural beauty of lake.

(5) Local Market – Local market is also one good attaraction in Mussoorie. You can find various shops of your interest with nice local and indian dishes.

(6) Mall Road- Mall Road is good to have a walk with your friends or your better half. This is the road with one side valley and second side hill. So you can enjoy having a chit chat walk on this road.

Sidhbali Temple Kotdwara Uttarakhand (sidhbali baba mandir)

Sidhbali Temple is one of the most popular and recognized Temple in Kotdwara(a town in pauri garhwal district in Uttarakhand). Sidhbali is named after Lord hanuman ji and devotee of lord hanuman keep coming the temple regularly. The temple is around 230 KM from delhi and the place Kotdwara can be reached by Bus or Train.

Story Behind Temple-

There is one very old story attached to the temple history. In Treta yugh(The time of Lord Ram) when Hanuman ji was carring the sanjeevni herbs for laxman and flying away over this place (kotdwara). One devil (who was sent by Ravana) became a fake rishi and started chanting (Ram gaan) at the river bank. Hanuman ji heard the chanting and came to the devil enjoying his chant. Later hanumanji recognized the devil and killed him with his Ghada(Vajra). Hence the place became famous and devotiees come to take blessings of Lord Hanuman ji.


The temple is situated at the highest corner of the city. You can view the entire town from the temple and believe me the view is really fantastic. Temple is situated at the bank of khoh river. So if take my suggestion go to temple at the evening time. The natural beauty is at the peak that time. Sunset and the shining sky with calm and cool environment. This is really a place to visit.

What is famous there-

pandits are all time availabe in temple premises so you can do the offering anytime. In the evening time it’s time for hanuman ji aarti so don’t miss it. When you are getting down from the exit gate there are shiv ji temple and shani temple also along. These are also ancient temples and visiting these places has a great value. On every sunday there bhandara(public lunch distribution) happens in the temple. The food is really tasty 🙂

How to reach-

There are two ways to reach kotdwara. One is by bus which is almost every time available from ISBT, Kashmiri Gate Delhi at the interval of 15 to 30 minuts. The second way is by train. Garhwal express and Mussoorie express are available from Delhi.

Hope you will visit Sidhbali Temple and please don’t forget to share your exprience and feedback with us. Happy Journey 🙂